Jon TellesSoftware Engineer Experiments


headshot of a very cool and handsome smiling man (it's me) Now with:
  • Full Stack Web Developer that loves JavaScript
  • Strong communicator with a knack for translating technical concepts into plain English (or terrible Spanish)
  • Able to quickly implement new technologies; I live for solving complex problems and learning new things
  • I don't know how to do everything, but I know how to find out how to do anything
  • I’ll always make the coffee

Stack 🥞: Svelte | Vue | React | TypeScript | Node | JavaScript (ES2015+) | SCSS | CSS | HTML | jQuery
Data 💾: REST | GraphQL | JSON | NoSQL | SQL
Misc 🔀: Git | Design Systems | Testing (Cyprus) | Agile | 508 compliance
Looking Into 👀: Deno | Dgraph | FaunaDB | WASM | Rust

NITAAC front page task order page

Most recently, I was the lead front end developer for a refresh of the NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center's public-facing website. My primary contributions include updating and creating markup, styles, animations, and interactions for all components across most-visited pages. I am also co-leading a Drupal migration, which involves refactoring site-wide legacy code to meet modern web standards and streamlining CMS practices. front page disaster assistance discovery tool

Working on this high-profile government project was a great learning experience — and a fulfilling one as well, given its positive impact on people across the country. My core contributions included creating logic and functionality for the Disaster Assistance Discovery Tool (which generated a significant increase in aid applications), creating and styling mobile-responsive pages, and updating the build process to include minification of CSS and transpilation of JS files.

🏆 2018 American Graphic Design Award 🏆

dogs r good 4 u website screenshot

React app that utilizes Hooks to fetch dogs at random (continuously or one at a time) and makes them do tricks (CSS animations)'